Our History

The Bracane Company was founded in 2002 by experienced industry professionals to dispel the myths of clinical research in minority populations, address health disparities in underserved populations and create an alternative solution to traditional clinical research outsourcing.


Bracane Company provides clinical research trial services, monitoring of health programs, wellness behaviors and outcomes research. Our team consists of medical and business professionals with decades of experience in their respective areas of expertise.


We work with a U.S. government entities and private companies. Our international experience spans from Africa, Canada, Norway and United Kingdom.

Our core values have been the pillar of success for Bracane Company since inception.

  • We perform high-quality, honest work for our clients
  • Everything we do must be in our client’s best interest
  • We provide technical expertise, regulatory compliance and current technologies to the businesses we serve
  • We deliver what we said we when we said we would
  • Our associates are proud of the work we do and the people around us.
  • We reinvest in the business, our associates and our communities for long-term sustainability


Our Mission
We fulfill our clients’ research needs by providing reliable, efficient and consistent service delivery. We operate with the highest level of integrity and provide high-quality service, while offering an environment of reward and growth for employees.

Non-Profit Affiliation
The Association of Minorities in Clinical Research (AMCR), a non-profit organization, was formed in 2009. This organization supports the efforts to increase the participation of minorities in clinical research as site coordinators, researchers, and participants in clinical trials. We offer training to minorities to help increase diversity in the field, and readily provide information to the community at-large to expand the number of minorities involved in clinical trials. Bracane Company supports the efforts of AMCR and is proud of our affiliation with them.


The Bracane Company is a certified minority, woman owned business.  We provide expertise, supreme products and services through our diversity and collaborative partnering agreements. Our corporation continues to grow and broaden its reach in providing the highest quality of service.